Bushido ​Association


Our instructors continue to develop in martial arts which made them one of the best in the field.

They helped establishing many martial arts academies worldwide.


Meet our instructors

Sensei Shuaib Muhaymin

シュアイブ ムハイミン

Started martial arts in 1963 in Okinawa Japan.

He studied Shodokan under Mfundishi Massi. Chinese Goju under Ran VanCleff and Trained under Mfundishi Tayari Casel.

He traveled to Syria in 1997 and taught English at (ALC) American Language Center.

He studied Aikido where he met Sensei Najimu Sanada who gave him private training.

He was invited to Tokyo, Japan in 2012 to be intrudcued to Kyudo because of his history with western archery which he obtained 28 medals and trophies in the United States.

He is one of the top instructors in Bushido Association under Sensei Najimu Sanada.

Chief Instructor

Sanada Najimu


真田 和侍武

Grew up in Japan studying traditional Japanese martial arts at the age of  9.

Earned several black belts and medals in Kyudo, Iaido, Kendo, Naginata, Aikido and Taihojitsu.

Began his career in 2008 as high school martial art instructor in Japan.

Taught defensive tactics such as handcuffing, knife deployment and gun disarm techniques to law enforcement in Asia, the Middle East and currently in the U.S to law enforcement and Veteran affairs.

Opened up three martial arts academies overseas that are still running by his black belt students.

He also worked as a martial arts instructor in the U.A.E  film industry.